The Speed of Discovery

First, we have a tea party in the bath and play with the pirates that stick to the bath walls.

Next, we brush our teeth to the tune of the ABCs, comb our hair, and put some essential oils on our feet to help stave off the sickness cesspool formally known as daycare.

Then, we have a second tea party in my daughter’s bedroom – the invisible concoction not actually being tea, but some combination of chocolate, blueberries, and ice cream. Continue reading

Do It For You

My best writing happens when I’m writing for myself – when I’m using words on paper as a way to wrestle with something I have between my ears. When I write from this place the end result in inherently grounded, transparent, and real.

It’s when I write from a different place that I get in trouble.  Continue reading

How to Not Be an A*shole

If I’m tired, stressed, sick, or otherwise unhappy, I have a propensity to be a jerk. And not just like a “you seem off” jerk, but like a “you’re a straight up a*shole” jerk.

Oftentimes it’s the people I care most about that take the brunt of my worst side – my family, my wife, my kids. We humans are good at camouflaging our worst selves around people we don’t know well and people we need to perform for, like our co-workers. But with the people we’re most intimate with – the camo comes off. Continue reading