Opting Out

There is a game that the world wants you to play.

There’s no real “winner” to the game, but there are certainly rules to play by.

A couple of those rules:

  • Money and possessions are the hierarchy of the players, and where you fit within it. Acquire more of either and you move up higher in the hierarchy.
  • Don’t step out of line too much. This includes crazy entrepreneurs, artists, and dreamers. Your ambition makes others feel uncomfortable.

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The Advantage of Doubt

Doubt is a double edged sword.

It creates tension in the moment, because doubt by its very nature is apprehensive and questioning. This apprehension and questioning is in turn insecure. And this insecurity is where the tension lies. An insecurity, even one so subtly masked as doubt, follows the path of discontent, because we are wired to want to know the truth.  Continue reading

Last Week’s Workouts (2.12.18)

Last weekend I was in Phoenix running the Spartan Super at Fort McDowell. It was a beautiful race consisting of ~10 miles of trails through dusty desert sprawl, and 29 obstacles along the way. In my last Spartan race in Colorado Springs I finished in the top 6% of all racers (over 2,000 in total), and my goal for this race was top 5%.

You’d think I would have at least ran a single training mile to achieve that goal. But I didn’t…and not surprisingly I didn’t finish in the top 5%. Continue reading


To have a breakthrough, you must first be stuck.

It sounds obvious, but rarely do we think about it when we’re actually stuck in our lives. And this simple reality holds some serious hope if we can manage to reflect on it when we feel like we’re going nowhere.  Continue reading

Waiting for the Other Shoe to Drop

I took my daughter to the doctor today, after five days of intermittent fevers and sickness, convinced the outcome would be dire.

The clock struck 6pm on a week night last week, and I was convinced I was going to get a phone call or a knock on the door from a police officer to give me tragic news about my wife.

I was out of town this past weekend, away from my kids, and every time my phone buzzed I was convinced it was an emergency involving one of them.

Every time my phone rings and it’s my mom or dad, I’m convinced that they’re calling to give me horrible news about the other one.

I call this daily madness waiting for the other shoe to drop. Continue reading

This is Not Normal

If we see someone posting something pro-Trump on social media, we assume they’re a racist.

If we see someone posting something liberal on social media, we assume they’re a “snowflake.”

If we see someone posting anything on social media that is remotely different from what we believe, we passive aggressively comment and let our blood begin to boil.  Continue reading

My Weekly Workouts and Meals

My workouts and meals are almost embarrassingly consistent from week to week.

There’s really nothing special about them, but I get asked about them a lot nonetheless. The consistency is where the traction is made. I’m a big believer in sticking to workouts over long periods of time to allow your body to grow and adapt, and I’m a big believer in eating the same meals on a regular basis because your gut knows what to do with them. Let’s start with the workouts. Continue reading

Is This Healthy for My Child?

Parenting can be a scary thing.

There’s the obvious scary aspect of just trying to keep your kid(s) healthy and safe. And then there’s the not-so-obvious scary aspect of building an emotionally healthy kid.

By “emotionally healthy” I mean raising a kid that makes good decisions, thinks critically for themselves, and is kind to others. Teaching this is a lot less straight forward than teaching a kid to eat their veggies and put down the candy.  Continue reading